MP Yousif Al-Zalzalah
MP Yousif Al-Zalzalah

KUWAIT: MP Yousif Al-Zalzalah stressed his readiness to use all constitutional tools to grill First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah concerning the foreign ministry’s failure to solve the problem of citizen Hanan Al-Sharaf with Kuwait’s health office in Washington. Sharaf is the whistleblower over some thefts in the Kuwait’s health office but the public fund ‘mafia’ framed her with false accusations, the lawmaker said. “Minister Al- Khaled had promised to investigate the matter independently and lawmakers are still waiting to see those promises met,” MP Zalzalah said pointing out that Sharaf saved tens of millions of dollars to the state treasury.

Subaih’s grilling
Meanwhile, MP Mohammed Al-Enezi has already started preparing for the grilling of minister of social affairs and labor, Hind Al- Subaih, by preparing several inquiries to be filed against her on the next parliamentary term including the appointment of the manpower public authority’s deputy director, Ahmed Al-Moussa; his reports since 2000; kindergartens and schools officially subsidized by the ministry; violations detected by the audit bureau in any of these schools and subsidized non-governmental organizations, if any. Separately, MP Abdul Hameed Dashti warned Minister Subaih against ignoring to respond to parliamentary inquiries concerning violations within MSAL. He also stressed that he would wait for her responses to the inquiries made by MPs, Mohammed Tana and Yousif Al-Zalzalah, before deciding on his attitude towards questioning her.

Gas prices
MP Hamdan Al-Azmi strongly rejected the government’s intention to increase gasoline prices and expressed amazement at what he described as ‘the government’s persistence to act against citizens’ interests and to occasionally leak public opinion-provoking news.’ MP Azmi said that news about such increases only reflect the government policies’ fragility and superficiality. Meanwhile, MP Askar Al- Enezi urged the government to study the possible consequences of such increases on various goods prices. He also accused the government’s decisions of being random and bureaucratic with the citizen as the least of its concerns. MP Enezi urged the government to make a statement explaining the truth about such plans and warned that the government would have to cancel such plans to avoid having lawmakers tend to their ‘constitutional responsibilities’.

Railway tracks
Kuwait Municipality urged the Public Authority for Housing Welfare to consider allocating railway tracks going past Nawaf Al- Ahmed and Sabriya cities that had already been approved by the Municipal Council. In this regard, Municipality Director Ahmad Al- Subaih said that since the Municipal Council had approved the railway tracks, they should be considered in the two cities blueprints.

Sand mine locations
Kuwait Municipality is currently working on a project to set special locations to mine sand used for construction purposes, said municipal sources noting that the project would be executed in four phases starting with feasibility studies, data collection and study of suggested locations; field and soil studies; regulations to use the sites and finally reporting about the project.

By A Saleh