KUWAIT: Dr Salman Al-Enzi recognizes Zain for its participation in the event.

KUWAIT: Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, took part in Kuwait University’s recent orientation campaign and exhibition, held by the Department of Cultural and Arts Activities, Deanship of Student Affairs. The event came to commemorate the start of the new college year 2021-2022. Zain was present at the event’s inauguration ceremony held at the College of Life Sciences, which featured the attendance of Deputy Dean of Student Affairs Dr Salman Al-Enzi, Cultural and Arts Activities Department Manager Jamal Bouraki, and Dean’s Consultant for Administrative Affairs Suleiman Al-Kandari.

Zain participated in the orientation campaign and exhibition, organized by the Department of Cultural and Arts Activities, through its dedicated booth, where the company showcased its leading experience in the Kuwaiti telecom sector. Zain also presented its latest and most competitive portfolio of promotional offerings to Kuwait University’s students, faculty, and administrative staff.

During July, Zain took part in welcoming freshmen students at Kuwait University’s Admission and Registration Hall in Shuwaikh. The initiative, which featured strict health measures, came in line with the start of the admission and registration period of the new academic year, and reflected the company’s keenness in offering a comfortable atmosphere for students and staff.

This initiative came in continuation of the company’s ongoing support of the hall’s various activities and events all year-round. The hall, which serves over 14,000 students annually, is sponsored by Zain for over 11 years. Last year, Zain supplied the Admission and Registration Hall in Shuwaikh with a number of MOH-approved precautionary health measures to curb the spread of COVID-19. The move came in line with Zain’s commitment to contribute to the health and safety of the university’s students, faculty, and staff.

Zain supplied the hall with signs and banners to remind visitors of the necessary health guidelines that must be followed while inside, as well as floor stickers to achieve social distancing. The company also installed see-through dividers to separate students and staff in a safe manner during registration, while enabling sound to pass efficiently. In addition, some seats were made unavailable inside the hall to guarantee a safe space between students while seated.

This initiative comes as an extension of Zain’s contributions during the past two years, where the company fully renovated the hall in an effort to offer a more comfortable atmosphere for students and staff. The company is keen on continuously supporting education by actively partnering with various education bodies from both the public and private sectors, as it is a firm believer in the importance of supporting the youth and preparing them to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Zain partnered with Kuwait University’s Deanship of Admission and Registration to fully renovate the Admission and Registration Hall and prepare it with the necessary furniture and equipment. The hall receives thousands of students throughout the year during the admission approval and freshmen registration period.

Zain firmly believes in the importance of developing education, as it is essential for individuals to then go-on to be successful and contributing members of society. The company is committed to playing an active role in the investment of the Kuwaiti human capital. By adopting such initiatives, Zain seeks to support students and allow them to apply their skills, achieve their potential, and fully develop their capabilities.