KUWAIT: Zain and H&S Store officials with the students at ZINC during the closing ceremony.

KUWAIT: Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, recognized the graduates of the H&S Store’s summer internship program held for students during the summer in partnership with Zain’s Future University Network (FUN) program. The recognition took place during the closing ceremony held at the Zain Innovation Center (ZINC) in the company’s main headquarters in Shuwaikh.

Zain’s partnership with this program came as part of the company’s corporate sustainability and social responsibility strategy, which centers around the development of the education and youth sectors, especially in regards to nurturing and developing business skills within the youth. The company was keen to offer world-class specialized programs for those who are interested in developing their talents within all areas. Zain, being a leader in the Kuwaiti private sector, believes in the importance of enriching the talents of the community in which it operates by adopting such initiatives.

Zain hosted the students and H&S Store officials at its Innovation Center (ZINC) in the company’s main headquarters in Shuwaikh, where the summer internship program graduates were recognized for completing the program during the summer season in partnership with Zain’s Future University Network (FUN) program. The H&S Store Summer Internship Program aimed at developing students’ skills within various administrative and technical areas, including product marketing, customer service, smartphone maintenance, and more. The program also aimed at preparing the students for the job market after completing their studies by working in part-time jobs during the summer vacation.

Zain’s Future University Network (FUN) program is a sustainable youth-tailored CSR program for students that bridges the gap between studying and a unique work experience at Zain. This is achieved by recruiting youth as the brand’s main ambassadors. FUN is considered one of the largest sustainable projects that Zain has been developing over the years since its first edition in 2008. It offers university students with a valuable opportunity to benefit from the actual work experience to gain and develop the many skills and expertise that they need to enter the job market both professionally and personally.

Zain is always keen on supporting a great number of educational initiatives and programs that caters to developing the youth’s skills and talents, including LOYAC’s KON Social Entrepreneurship Program brought to Kuwait in collaboration with Babson College in Boston, considered the most prestigious entrepreneurship college in the United States and the number one institution in the world for entrepreneurship education, as well as the LOYAC AC Milan Soccer School, and more.

Zain is committed to exerting more efforts into offering similar programs that enrich human resources development in all areas. The company will spare no efforts in making its capabilities and resources available as well as reinforce its collaboration with entities and organizations that provide such initiatives and actively develop Kuwaiti talents.

As a leading national company, Zain firmly believes in the advancement of young people’s skills and capabilities and looks to empower and prepare them for the important roles they will play in the further progress of the country. H&S Store was established in 2011 with the aim to offer its customers a wide range of high-quality products with a hassle-free shopping experience to insure customer satisfaction in Kuwait and throughout the GCC region, as well as providing specialized maintenance and repair workshops for smart devices.