Company offers superfast CAT16 technology

KUWAIT: Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, announced the launch of BOLT Hotspot device for the first time in Kuwait, offering the latest superfast CAT16 network technology on its most advanced nationwide network. Zain’s introduction of this all-new device comes as part of the company’s developmental strategy, through which it seeks to keep up with the latest innovations witnessed by the Telecommunications and Information Technology sector around the world.

The company, being the leader in providing the latest tech products and services, is committed to offer the most advanced technologies to the Kuwaiti market. Zain customers can now enjoy the advanced CAT16 network technology with the all-new BOLT Hotspot device, which is offered for KD 1 only with unlimited Internet through the KD 16 plan, for KD 2.5 only with 2 TB through the KD 13 plan, or for KD 5 only with 1 TB through the KD 10 plan.

The new BOLT Hotspot device is the latest addition to Zain’s existing portfolio of the most advanced Internet devices. Back in June, Zain launched the BOLT router that supports the revolutionary CAT11 technology, and now customers can choose the device that best suits their usage needs, whether professional or personal. Zain is keen on introducing the latest and most innovative services and solutions in the market to elevate its customers’ experience and offer them convenience while meeting their unique lifestyles.

The company is also committed to introducing them with the latest and most competitive offerings, and will always aim at providing a superior experience on its most advanced network. The introduction of this offer highlights Zain’s eagerness in keeping pace with the ongoing changes of needs and wants of its customers. With this latest announcement, Zain strengthens its leading position in providing special services and offerings designed for heavy data users.