By Abdellatif Sharaa

I am sure my good friends out there are now aware that I am highly passionate when it comes to the issue of smoking. I have to say that I lost my father at a relatively young age of 67 due to complications from smoking. He was a heavy smoker for almost 25 years.

World No Tobacco Day was celebrated two days ago and many organizations campaigning against this heinous habit held virtual seminars and panel discussions on how to combat this highly addictive practice. Even the tobacco industry with its major manufacturers are starting to admit that regular tobacco smoking is harmful, as they are trying to go ahead of the anti-smoking campaigns by introducing new devices after the vaping trend became very popular.

This is very scary, because I have started to see younger and younger individuals of both genders picking up “vapes”, and many of those I met told me they were not smokers before! OMG! Is it not science that tells us that nicotine is the addictive substance that hooks one to a cigarette? Experts who already did some research said that it is possible some of those vaping may pick up a cigarette!

Now other companies are coming up with devices using different technologies that do away with combustion and are employing heat to bring nicotine out of real tobacco and not an aerosol. Ha! It is Mr Nicotine again! Addiction is in the air! My personal belief is that no matter how you look at it or go around it, there’s nothing good in it. The harm is there whether we reduce the amount of chemicals that accompany the puff or even reduce them to just nicotine – still the harm is there.

Please, if you are blessed for being a nonsmoker, keep it up. Stay away from smokers when a cigarette is lit in their hands. Ask anyone who vapes near you to stop or move away from them, and do not become a passive smoker. Lung cancer, cancer of the nose and its cavities, mouth cancer, esophagus cancer, stomach cancer, throat cancer and pharynx cancer are a few of the diseases you risk getting when you “enjoy” a cancer stick.

May Almighty Allah relieve you from this lesion and keep you healthy!