KUWAIT: A mother’s visit to her son turned into a fight between his two wives who exchanged blows and insults and both ended in the police station. The two wives had met during the visit of their mother-in-law, and apparently engaged in an argument that escalated into exchanging insults and blows. Their husband and his mother eventually stepped in to break the fight.

Illicit tablets
An ex-convict citizen got rid of illicit tablets by swallowing them while attempting to escape from police in industrial Ardhiya, but was detained. A police patrol officer asked the driver to pull over. When the patrol man approached him, he swallowed several pills at once. He is being sent to concerned authorities.

KD 2 million debt
Police arrested a citizen wanted on a KD 2 million debt case. The man was apprehended in Sabah health zone during a surprise campaign. The citizen claimed he did not have an ID on him, then when policemen insisted on taking him to make sure about his identity, he gave the ID. He was found to be wanted by the civil implementation department for several debts totaling KD 2 million.

Drugs and alcohol
An Egyptian woman who is reported missing was found with two citizens, all under the influence of alcohol and drugs. A police patrol noticed the car being driven unsteadily so they stopped it. Upon checking their IDs, the girl was discovered to be wanted, and all three were under the influence of drugs. Police also found drugs and a half empty liquor bottle. All were sent to concerned authorities.


A veiled woman who was pretending to be a beggar near a bank stole an envelope containing KD 700 from a citizen’s car. A security source said the citizen went to the bank in South Surra and withdrew KD 700, then when she headed back to her car, a veiled woman followed her without talking, then snatched the envelope and got into a car that was waiting for her. The victim lodged a complaint as police are investigating.

A citizen accused her Syrian sister-in-law of beating her and bruising her head. A source said the citizen went to the police station with a medical report and told them it is her sister-in-law who caused the injuries. The Syrian will be summoned for questioning.

An Egyptian and Syrian had a fight over a car parking. Both had a dispute over a parking spot in front of their building in Maidan Hawally. Neighbors called police, who upon arrival found the two men with various injuries. Both were taken to hospital and then were detained at the police station. – Translated from the Arabic press