The Real Fouz

As we’ve all heard before, wintertime is all about dark tones and dark hair. This is why it came as a shock to people on social media when I dyed my hair blonde last month. I felt like I needed a change and a breath of fresh air and going blonde during this season was the perfect way for me to switch it up and get out of my comfort zone. I was inspired to refresh my look and add some variety to what we’re all used to. I specifically chose a honey blonde shade because warm colors instantly give life and energy, and can brighten any winter look.

Going blonde is definitely a commitment and requires constant maintenance if you want to keep your hair healthy, shiny and fresh. Purple shampoo is a great tool for blondes to calm unwanted brassy tones, however it’s best to use it once a week and not over use it to keep your color from becoming overly dull and also to avoid buildup. Another tip to maintain the freshness of your color is to deep condition your hair at home using a natural treatment of your choice like coconut oil or argan oil, and then wash off with a DIY vinegar rinse.

The mixture consists of part water, part white vinegar with a few drops of peppermint oil to kill the vinegar smell. I’ve noticed that this trick prevents my color from fading, adds shine and volume. The vinegar also dissolves all of the buildup in your hair also getting professional treatments at the salon once a month is important. There are endless types of treatments available at salons but one of my favorites for colored hair that works wonders for me is the Olaplex treatment.

Olaplex is a bond-multiplying system that helps keep the hair strong from the inside out. It can be mixed with the hair dye when bleaching your hair to make the whole process less damaging or it can be used on its own as a hair strengthening treatment. Another product that I love to use in my daily routine that makes a world of a difference is the Pantene Colored Hair Repair Oil Replacement. It nourishes my hair by adding a protective layer to shield the hair against damage and also protects against styling and blow-drying damage breakage.

It’s important to use products like these when you go blonde because your hair is already weak and after it has been bleached and colored, protecting it against further damage from styling and blow-drying is crucial. This fall/winter season is all about switching it up and trying new things. As I always say, my hair really brings out my personality and reflects my mood, and blonde hair is all about good energy and good vibes. It’s true what they say, ‘blondes do have more fun.’

By Real Fouz