Badrya Darwish

What’s this new war we are seeing nowadays in Kuwait? Every day we have a surprise about scandals involving well-known and influential people. I’m sorry guys – I cannot publish their names as the newspaper could be accused of damaging unity and solidarity in Kuwait. But social media, which seems to be held to a lower standard, is full of reports of scandals and scams and kickbacks and corruption in major ministries, involving influential people.

Everyone in Kuwait is sharing WhatsApp messages with documents, recorded conversations, etc. The problem is that you can never really verify if these are authentic or fabricated, or just people slicing each other up for what reason I don’t know. But what surprises me is how do these whistleblowers get their hands on such secret documents or recordings? Supposing even some of it is true, who has such access to secret documents, deals and details about anyone, including how much he took, what was the correspondence, etc, etc. I’m pretty sure it’s not the farrash (janitor) who cleans the office.

This week has reminded me of Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks drama. But more seriously, I have to wonder why this drama appeared all of the sudden and focused on certain well-known families. What’s cooking? I’ve noticed lately a lot of interesting activities happening in Kuwait and lots of past stories showing up again on the surface, like the dead fish in the harbor.

Seems to me like every year at the beginning of the summer, we see a seasonal ‘political’ El Nino. Just when Kuwaitis are getting ready for Ramadan and starting their summer breaks, suddenly everything starts ‘breaking’ at home. We are a small society in Kuwait and we all know each other. I find this distasteful and vulgar. We should investigate corruption where it exists. But the glee with which people blast it out across the society, I don’t think they always mean well for Kuwait. Maybe they themselves are involved in bigger issues and are just stirring up trouble or camouflaging something else.

By Badrya Darwish