KUWAIT: A woman called her husband to tell him his friend had raped her and filmed the act on his mobile phone. The husband went home to find his wife in a very bad condition. She told him his friend entered the house and not only raped her, but also raped the maid before leaving. He left his cap behind. The man composed himself and took his wife and the maid to the police station and told them what his close “friend” did, and provided details of the man. The prosecutor considered it a felony and asked detectives to arrest the suspect.

Subordinate beats boss
A police lieutenant is being questioned for insulting his superior – a brigadier – and beating him. The incident took place at work when the lieutenant became very angry and tore his uniform. He then went to his superior, insulted and beat him. Employees intervened and called for help. A police source said the actions of the officer were due to differences over work instructions.

Drunk Kuwaitis attack detective
Two Kuwaitis who were drunk attacked detectives who stopped in front of the criminal detectives building, because they were disturbing the peace with loud music. The two citizens aged 47 and 33 drank too much while in their car in Salmiya and played music loudly without regard to detectives in the area. Detectives stopped them, so they attacked the officers in an attempt to escape, but failed.

Illegal repair shop
Five Pakistanis turned the building of the old Shuwaikh police station into a car repair shop, so they were arrested and sent to concerned authorities. Police, while touring the area, were surprised by people going in and out of the old police station, only to discover that the yard was used to repair cars. Instructions were given to arrest the five, who are being questioned for using state property for personal use.

‘You’ll arrest me for KD 300?
A Kuwaiti was arrested for being wanted for a debt after being stopped late at night. The woman was found wanted, so she told police, “What is wrong with you? You’ll arrest me for KD 300?” Police took her to concerned authorities.

Hacker steals KD 1,500

A hacker withdrew KD 1,500 in 13 transactions from a citizen’s account, who lodged a complaint. The victim went to the bank to withdraw money and found KD 1,500 was missing, so he asked bank employees about it. They found the money was transferred electronically to companies and shops over two days to purchase goods over the Internet. The victim lodged a complaint and investigations began.