Talal Al-Ghannam

Good day to my honorable brothers and sisters. It has been long since I wrote my last article and in today’s column I would like to talk about Kuwait’s ongoing war on the honorable expatriates who have come here to earn a decent living condition. In the past few months, expatriates have been subjected to a fierce war by many citizens who call for deporting a large number of foreign workers as Kuwait has become an ever growing center for such labor.

In every country, there are big portions of expatriates who come to the country legally and with the consent of the official authorities to seek a decent living. They didn’t enter the country illegally or to be deported under extremely stressful conditions. The majority of expats have come here according to authenticated contracts either as domestic helpers, laborers or are seeking jobs in the private sector. It is a shame to see so many citizens call for reduction of the number of expatriate workers even when the majority of their jobs do not suit them.

The blame should not be made on the legal expatriates who come here to serve the country and get salaries in return for their service. The blame must be put on the sponsors who brought them here while refusing to provide them with decent jobs or without the proper paperwork. They can’t be blamed because officially they are here in accordance with authentic contracts and entered the country through legal ports. So how come we are so eager to fight to deport them?

Another point I want to elaborate on is that if such a foreign labor become absent from the country who then would take their place? I am talking about some professions a Kuwaiti would never do such as domestic helpers, public road cleaners, gas station dispenser and so many other jobs that an expat is willing to handle. So, for the sake of almighty Allah, give those people a chance to work peacefully and serve Kuwait and fight those who wish to harm the country through ignorance.

By Talal Al-Ghannam