UstaThe country is in need of quick and urgent rescue – this is what I concluded while following events of the latest years. Governments did not benefit from the large amounts of financial surpluses which entered the state treasury during the last decade, and did not absorb the street action in a good way which led to class and sectarian divisions that were expressed by blue, orange and grey, governments that kicked out the relative, turned on him an ill-treated him, and brought the stranger closer and honored him.

Governments that gave us illusions us that development is in violating public funds, and made us choose between the bad and the worst, either to agree with the aircraft agreement that has 60,000 question marks or use old aircraft that are embarrassing, either to remain silent towards a tender that was doubted by many or continue the use of an airport that “leaks” rainwater, an airport that does not have any distinguished service. Our government told us that treatment abroad does not depend on x-rays and medical reports, rather it depends on wasta or let the cancer eat your eyelashes – it is not our problem!

An arrogant and exclusionary opposition that used slogans which led to class and sectarian divisions, an opposition that exaggerated it is distributing patriotism certificates and told everyone either my way or you “are all a product of the devil”. An opposition that continued for years in approving unfair cadres that contributed to a large societal division and burdened the general budget with commitments that their bad signals began to show with the reduction of oil prices, and this does not relieve the government from its lax role and giving up to MPs, and fearing their loud voices at that time.

There are those who ended behind prison fences, and there are those who went somewhere else in an attempt to catch up with whatever is left from the cake. There came the ‘single vote’ and with it came its MPs. Its MPs are either old who do not want to admit that they contributed to the success of an experiment that has some doubts about it, and those who tried the sweetness and does not want to go back to bitterness, and those who think it is a sectarian inheritance or a tribal or family one, and that it is a torch that should be handed to the next generations.

The problem is that among this total silence, a new class of youth began to show up angry and feels that hope is lost, and the light at the end of the tunnel cannot be seen even with binoculars. A class that is not used to standing in front of cameras to say things are OK, because it does not have cameras in front of it to start with. The situation is not comfortable, and there are those who say otherwise. We pray to Almighty Allah to guide all for the interest of the country and its people, and hope that what we say is not true, though logical indicators say otherwise. Was the message delivered? I hope so.

—Translated by Kuwait Times

By Qais Al-Usta