jotenAl Jothen, one of the top distributors of world-leading professional beauty brands across the Middle East and in Kuwait, recently unveiled Kemon’s NAYO coloring innovation; the first yogurt-based, ammonia free hair coloration which has been awaited in the market since a while back.

The launch was hosted at the Jumeirah Messila Hotel on Sunday and was well attended by the industry VIPs and specialists, hairdressing key accounts (Technicians and salon owners), potential accounts, influencers, celebrities, bloggers and certainly the media. Today, clients are increasingly demanding and attentive to the latest market trends. They are becoming more and more health conscious as the days go by.

They are continuously looking for a color that gives them everything starting from hair protection and treatment to perfect color results. Since its inception, Kemon has been dedicated to technically excellent products, with an emphasis on hair color and specific care treatments. The all-new NAYO hair coloring line is yogurtbased and is made of organically-grown ingredients across a range of brilliant and super productive shades. Yogurt, which is rich in vitamins, calcium and minerals, provides significant benefits for the scalp and hair.

It maintains the color and protects the hair structure. The complex in this coloring formulation, given that it is organically grown, delivers a high level of protection and maximum hair health. After coloring, the hair is visibly shinier and well-conditioned, with a healthier appearance than ever.

Yogurt extract being one of its key ingredients protects hair fiber in a gentle way, while the Calendula flower extract guarantees a calming and soothing effect. As for the Flax seed rich content, it provides all the hydration and silkiness. The guests were welcomed with yogurt smoothies at the reception whereby they were fascinated by a theme of fresh yogurt fountains and frozen yogurts served at the very special customized NAYO yogurt bar.

The guitarist at the reception brought a cozy feel to the attendants’ hearts and taking pictures that were instantly printed out for the crowd at the wall of fame area couldn’t have been organized in any better way. The Nayo launch event was hosted by Kemon’s regional stylist who had arrived from the heart of the UAE to tell the industry specialists and the salon owners all about NAYO, its key selling points, application strategies and mixing techniques. Some of the region’s top models were present to showcase the exciting new NAYO range with their hair colored using the ammonia free/yogurt based/ fragrance free NAYO ; the gentle permanent color which Covers gray hair 100%, lightens up to 4/5 levels thanks to the super-lighteners. Nayo is to be applied on the hair base; its natural oils content swell the cuticle and perfectly color the natural base thus covering 100% of gray hair.

The crowd indeed enjoyed the model show inspiring venue setup whereby they were able to witness a live product mixing demonstration and they even participated in mixing techniques as they witnessed NAYO’s inviting, velvety cream texture which guarantees maximum comfort during application. With NaYo, the professional coloring service becomes a treatment and not just a color routine. It is now an opportunity for clients to take care of their hair, nourish it and respect its beauty structure with the utmost gentleness.

Nayo is to be mixed with Nayo Cream Activator formulated to act synergistically with NaYo texture. The cream has an innovative, eco-friendly packaging that oozes style while ensuring ease-of-use. The new flip top with drip protector offers perfect dispensing without accidental product leakage. Not to forget to mention the professional fastation setup, situated above a premium sensitive scale and holds all 4 activator percentages to ensure a perfect in-salon mixing ratio.

The NAYO Coloring system takes professionalism in the salon to the next level. It is a unique innovation that professionals can rely on for excellent results on the hair while ensuring simple &usage. Kemon in collaboration with Al Jothen believes in maintaining and developing the best professional hair products inspired by fashion, performance and nature. The Italian brand will continue to research and develop new products that aspire and improve people’s lives in Kuwait and the rest of the region