munaWe are in day one of 2016, and should start assessing what we have and haven’t achieved in the past 12 months. Some may say: So what, it is just another year. Yes, this is true, but we can dream on how to make this year probably the best year of our lives. We probably miscalculated or misunderstood some people or issues, so maybe the New Year is just the excuse you need to sort things out. Have a theme for this year and work on it. This is my plan for 2016.

Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully, it will be filled with joy, love, happiness, success and great achievements. Now you probably all went late to bed last night, so I thought this Friday Times should be all about 2016’s hopes and wishes. With the end of a year, we start to look back at all the things, people, events, incidents, losses and achievements we made through the year. New friends were made, and lost too. Humanitarian crises were witnessed and tears were shed for their suffering.

Sometimes we must put ourselves in a cage so we don’t recognize ourselves. For example, some may say they worked hard, yet without success. Well, maybe you are not doing the right thing – maybe your strategy was wrong or received bad advice or listened to no one. Think of all those failures as lessons learned and not necessarily as disasters. What’s the point of another year if we don’t become wiser?! Don’t look back. This will be my theme for this year. The more you dwell over the past, the more you will start thinking about all those who cheated, lied, gossiped and mistreated you. Then you will tend to feel depressed and sad. You only lose the moment because life is like a journey. It has its ups and downs.

One of best tips I received for the New Year is to take good care of my heath – what a great thing to say! While we all read and hear how much we need to exercise every day and eat healthy food, we rarely do it. Only a sudden illness or doctor’s warning will put us on track again. So maybe this is something we should do this year. In fact, exercising pushes out negativity. The list is endless and you can shape it the way you like. But we all need to dream, and dream well.

Happy New Year!

By Muna Al-Fuzai