Fatima Al-Mattar
Fatima Al-Mattar

I was searching for a getaway weekend last November, where I could enjoy good weather and outdoor activities. The hassle of getting a visa and flying for long were out of the picture. After a small search for the newest resorts in the region, I finally decided to pay a visit to this beautiful resort in Oman.

Resort name: Six Senses Zighy Bay
Arrival airport: Although the resort is in Oman, the closest point to reach is Dubai. My ticket was a round ticket to and from Dubai International Airport.
It is recommended to either drive to the resort, or arrange with the hotel to send you a car. I personally arranged with the hotel for a pick-up, and it was very, very comfortable (they brought a pillow, water, wi-fi and a great deal of comfort). The drive is around two hours and thirty minutes depending on traffic).

Accommodation type: I stayed at a villa with a private swimming pool for four people.
Adventurous activities: There are tons of things to do in terms of activities that I could not resist. I tried mountain biking and mountain paragliding and they were both AH-MA-ZING.
Many other activities are offered, such as:
* Fishing
* Water sports
* Village tour
* Sunset cruise
* Rock climbing
* Zighy Bay hikes

hello 965  new3Just make sure to check their website and identify your favorite activities, and book in advance.
* Spa and relaxation: I got to experience the spa facilities and services. If you are thinking of getting a massage, DONíT THINK, BOOK. Totally worth it. Make sure you read their spa menu online, and check their different experiences and offers.
They also offer yoga, detox yoga, facials and some other wellbeing rituals.
* Food and happiness: I had dinner at the restaurant On The Edge. It was a set menu kinda restaurant – great food, EXCELLENT atmosphere and a night to remember.
Thinking of an October/November or December or even February (cold) weekend getaway? Think no more. This is a great option.

By Fatima Al-Mattar