Yalda-GolsharifiI’m not going to tell you what you should be buying in this article. Rather, I’m going show you the basics you already have lying around your wardrobe and how these essential pieces can make any outfit. Summer 2016 has snuck up on us already and it must feel like your wardrobe is not properly prepared for its arrival. Maybe it has something to do with the unpredictable mind of the Kuwaiti weather (cue sandstorm). Or maybe it’s because unlike winter where we can cover ourselves in layers and layers of cozy clothes to just keep warm, pull out those boots we love, that leather jacket we can’t seem to part with, we actually have to put in thought into our summer wear!

And what better way to do that than have a few essential pieces we can style a million different ways and be on our way. Just grab any of the staples listed ahead and you’re ready to walk out the door.

If you’re a creative shopper, these essentials are pretty must burned into your brain. But what’s important is that the basics have to be from among the best quality. So, let’s get started!

The LBD:
Surprised? I guess not but tell me of a time where the little black dress did not work to your advantage. Get the most flattering fit for your figure, accessorize and the compliments will come pouring in, guaranteed.

A loose fit T-shirt:
This 100% hit staple requires no further explanation. No matter what event, you can pair this with a floral skirts, skinny jeans, shorts or some strappy heels and look fresh! My advice? Stock up on different T- shirt styles! (Pst! The French bateau shirt and plain white tee is what are staples in my stock of T-shirts)

A blazer:
Here you can go either with a pop of color or a dark, perhaps even striped well-tailored blazer. You can add extra points to a simple jeans and tee combo for that casual chic look.

Classic black pants:
Leggings, jeggings, formal pants, jeans, flared, whatever have you! You need at least one pair of black pants to be able to make any outfit.

Dark denims:
I love wearing these on my lazy days (Yes, we fashionistas also have our share of lazy days!) Soft shirts, t-shirts or strappy heels, a bunch of statement jewelry and voila!

A maxi dress:
This piece is so versatile and for that very reason it is vital to this list of summer necessities. Go floral, Aztec or just plain with some strappy flats are you’re looking elegant as ever.

The full skirt:
A full skirt will put you in a party mood instantly and what’s trending at the moment are midi full skirts that I love pairing with my tees or breezy button up tops.

A kimono jacket:
Casual enough to wrap up the shorts and tee combo, yet chic enough to pair with your LBD or swimsuit. This jacket is perfect for Kuwait’s sometimes breezy nights.

A bright bag:
If you don’t wear too much color on a day to day basis, this accessory is your best friend. My favorite? The classic red Chanel flap bag (an investment you will never regret, ladies!)

Pair of sunglasses:
Finally, bring it all together with the perfect sunglasses. Printed or plain, cat eyed or aviators, take your pick! You’re basically the expert now!
But before we stop, let’s talk shoes real quick, shall we? I love me in some classic black or brown pair of pumps, ballet flats (nude/ black/ brown/ leopard print) and a crisp pair of white sneakers (you’ve seen it trending for a while on Pinterest now) is where I’d put my money.

The truth is our wardrobes are a constant work in progress and we should keep it that way, ditch the old, and bring in the new. But what makes your closet is having the right foundation to begin with and from that you can draw some great outfits.

So I’d say commit this list to your memory and focus on the truly important things about summer (pool parties, sand, beach and refreshing yet HEALTHY drinks!).

By Yalda Golsharifi