Khalid Jassim Al-Subaie
Khalid Jassim Al-Subaie

KUWAIT: Warba Bank has launched a credit card campaign as a part of the Bank’s new initiative for the Kuwaiti market. The goal is to provide existing customers with benefits for using various credit cards in their purchases thus enhancing the card’s value and making it easier for customers to accomplish the purchasing transactions. This campaign offers customers special features in compliance with the provisions of Islamic sharia as well as other benefits. The customer can get back a fixed and guaranteed amount accounting for 1 percent of all monthly purchases automatically.

Moreover, the customer will have a chance to get back up to 100 percent for every 100 Kuwaiti Dinars of the monthly purchases. This offer will not be applicable for cash withdrawals. Khalid Jassim Al-Subaie, the Chief Retail Banking Officer at Warba Bank, said: “Warba Bank’s policy is based on providing competitive and exclusive products in the market that comply with Islamic Sharia , meeting customer needs and responding to their requirements which witness daily increase due to the economic development and e-commerce. The campaign also reflects Warba Bank’s keenness to provide customers with new and distinctive offers having unique features on credit card level in Kuwait.

Customers can directly get back cash amounts for each purchase transaction on the same card automatically.” Al-Subaie added: “Under this offer, the customer will receive a fixed and guaranteed cash amount at 1 percent of each purchase transaction carried out using the credit card through any point of purchase including the internet whether in Kuwait or abroad. This will also help customers to enter a monthly draw as an incentive to back up to 100 percent for each KD 100 of purchases. The amount will be deposited automatically in the primary card account during the subsequent month of the purchase transactions using the credit card. The customer will then be notified by an SMS message. In the case that a customer gets back cash on the first month, the customer can get another chance to win during the next month if the card is used in accordance with the terms and conditions.

There is no limit for the purchase transactions; the more the customer spends, the higher his chances to get back amounts. The total transactions amount at KD 100 will give the customer a chance for monthly recovery for using cards. The number of chances shall be 100 ranging between 5 percent-100 percent for a period of one month. The campaign shall continue for 3 Months from October till the end of December 2015.

This campaign will be availed only by customers holding credit cards before the campaign initiation.” Al-Subaie continued: “Warba Bank is keen on rewarding its customers with the best offers and biggest promotional campaigns that provide them with unique features. The Bank also gives utmost care to its various credit cardholders giving the cards an added value, contributing in customer satisfaction and increasing the customers’ chances of getting more benefits on card use. In addition, the Bank’s care and campaigns strengthen the Bank’s presence and market share in this sector and expand the credit card portfolio. Warba Bank has made great achievements in this trend embodied in the remarkable growth of issuing credit cards at various types.

This enhances the Bank’s competitiveness in the retail banking and cards, creates new horizons in the Islamic banking sector within a strategy aiming at the development of innovative products and services which are specifically tailored to meet the needs of various market segments along with constant care for performance level and service quality provided to the customers.” It is worth mentioning that debit cards of “Safwa and Lamar” category give their cardholders special benefits allowing them free access to VIP lounges at most international airports, in addition to receiving a prepaid card with “My Box” service that gives the customer a local address in the Unites States of America, Britain, United Arab Emirates, and China. Customers that wish to learn more about credit cards campaign or other unique Warba services can contact the Call Center on 1825555, visit any of the Bank’s branches or follow the Bank’s official social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.