KUWAIT: A restaurant employee was stabbed with a screw driver and beaten when he refused to give patrons their order until they paid. The five ganged up on the waiter and started beating him while shouting insults at him and then one of them stabbed him with a screw driver and then escaped. The victim was taken to hospital by colleagues where he was treated and received a medical report. All were arrested by Jahra detectives.

KD 800,000 swindler More information was received about the woman who swindled citizens for more than KD 800,000 and who was arrested following information that she left the country eight times, paying a lawyer KD 8,000 each time she left, a security source reported. Investigations revealed that among her victims include businessmen and police officers and some of them took the money they invested with her from their retirement. The source added the swindler was used to stay in five-star hotels during holidays and was spending a lot of money. The source said the woman received her victims in a company she opened for this purpose, where she opened a file for each investor and showed them documents that prove a person invested with her.

The source added that the woman presents her projects in various countries and informs potential investors on how to invest and promises them high returns. Meanwhile, the source said the lawyer received the departure and return fees up front and worked in a law firm. No details were immediately available on who the lawyer coordinated with in the customs department to facilitate the wanted woman’s entries and exits from Kuwait.

Domestic fight A citizen accused her ex-husband of throwing her furniture outside her home, damaging her documents and stealing KD 150 and her civil ID. The woman reported to Sulaibkhat police station that her ex-husband beat her and used offensive language. Investigations are underway.