KUWAIT: The Embassy of Germany in Kuwait released the following statement commenting on a recent ‘visa waiver agreement for diplomatic and service passports’ signed between Kuwait and Germany on Monday. The statement reads as follows:

“After several years of negotiations, a visa waiver agreement for diplomatic and service passports between Germany and Kuwait was signed Monday by German Ambassador to Kuwait Karlfried Bergner, and Kuwait’s Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al-Jarallah. The ceremony was attended by various dignitaries and members of the German Embassy and Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“The signing of the bilateral agreement was an important first step to simplify travelling procedures for diplomatic and service passport holders of both countries and will now be followed by implementing this agreement into national law in both countries, after which it will become effective in a couple of months.

“Please keep checking our Embassy homepage for updates – as soon as this new regulation has entered into force, we will inform you. Until then, all holders of Kuwaiti passports are still required to obtain a visa before travelling to Germany. Holders of regular private Kuwaiti passports are not included in this visa waiver agreement and do still need a visa for Germany and the Schengen States.”