LONDON: The type of visa acquired by Kuwaitis will determine their stay in the UK and therefore, the Kuwaiti embassy urges nationals to get the correct documents so that their visit would not be hindered, the embassy said in a statement yesterday. Some Kuwaiti nationals have been acquiring tourism visas to visit the UK while seeking treatment, Consul at the Kuwaiti embassy in London Meshal Al- Mudaf said. The Kuwaiti diplomat urged nationals to abide by the rules while getting the visa to avoid being deported from the UK. While visiting the UK, Kuwaiti nationals are urged to respect the laws and follow rules regarding accommodations and lodgings to avoid prosecution or being subjected to acts of fraud.

Regarding Kuwaitis seeking treatment in the UK, the diplomat urged Kuwaiti nationals accompanying patients to take extra precaution while withdrawing treatment money from banks due several incidents of theft. In case of a health emergency, Kuwaitis are urged to call the number of the embassy’s health center during and after office hours or visit government- run hospitals in the UK, said Mudaf. — KUNA