Unemployment, ‘Kuwaitization’ on top of assembly panel’s agenda

Health ministry launches electronic prescriptions system

Khalil Al-Saleh

KUWAIT: Head of the National Assembly’s human resources committee MP Khalil Al-Saleh said the committee members will be reelected to resume its duties in the new term. “The committee plays a major role in resolving the problem of unemployment and replacing expatriates with citizens,” he said. Furthermore, the lawmaker noted that much more work is still needed to be done and that the committee will contact concerned bodies to get the latest statistics about the total numbers of unemployed citizens, their qualifications, age and gender categories, the total number graduates and new recruits over the past five years.

Electronic prescriptions
Health Minister Sheikh Dr Basel Al-Sabah said the experimental use of electronic prescriptions at Sabah Al-Ahmad cardiac disease and Al-Rashed allergy centers was successful. Speaking to reporters, he explained that the e-prescription system will help achieve safety for patients, save public funds, avoid medicine repetition, medical errors, regulate prescriptions, track medicine consumption rates and reserves in various pharmacies and warehouses.
Sheikh Basel added that the system will also facilitate the prescribing process, dose calculation, prepare statistics and limit the use of smuggled and fake medications. “The new system will use the health ministry’s iCloud app and tablets to read patients’ smart civil IDs and prescribe the right medicine,” he explained, noting that the system will also send dashboard warnings to all platforms and emails to both doctors and patients. Sheikh Basel added that the new system will enable doctors to get lists of medicines prescribed for patients with chronic diseases every two months and up to every six months before reexamining them.

Sanitary Drainage Company
The Ministry of Public Works and the Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects are scheduled to sign a contract by the end of this month for the Um Al-Haiman Sanitary Drainage Company, which was established by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and deposited 25 percent of its KD 45 million capital in a local bank. Notably, the project will serve areas to the south of the Sixth Ring Road – Sabah Al-Ahmad, Riqqa, Mubarak Al-Kabeer and Um Al-Haiman, said informed sources.

LED lamps
In a statement it issued yesterday, the Ministry of Electricity and Water announced starting to replace sodium lamps on various Kuwait streets with LED lamps. The ministry added the total power currently needed to illuminate various streets is 106.3 megawatts, and that using LED lamps will save around 71 percent of the power consumed, with an estimated annual cut in cost of KD 10 million. The ministry also noted that coordination is in progress with various government bodies to use LED lamps in their projects.

Policeman chased
A policeman reported that someone in an SUV chased him from Fintas to Salwa waving a gun at him, said security sources. The policeman added the motorist chasing him deliberately hit his vehicle several times, shouting orders to pull over before he disappeared when the policeman refused to stop his vehicle. The policeman provided the suspect’s license plate number pending further investigations.

By A Saleh