UN Human Rights Council approves Kuwait’s report

Jamal Al-Ghunaim

GENEVA: The UN Human Rights Council approved yesterday the third report on the comprehensive human rights situation in the State of Kuwait. Speaking before a UN session after approving the third national comprehensive report, Ambassador Jamal Al-Ghunaim, Kuwait’s permanent representative to the UN and international organizations’ headquarters in Geneva, expressed his country’s deep appreciation and pride over approval of the report. He affirmed that Kuwait “will continue to promote human rights and achieve sustainable development in line with policies and steps rooted in Islamic and Kuwaiti social values.”

The constructive criticism on Kuwait’s report will form a strong base upon which Kuwaitis will continue to strive in bettering human rights in the country, said Ambassador Ghunaim. Kuwait is keen on abiding by international rules and regulations concerning human rights, promoting such values nationally, regionally, and globally, noted the Kuwaiti diplomat. Ambassador Ghunaim added that eagerness to promote human rights values should not lead to imposing ideologies and cultures that were counter to local values and traditions, pointing out that such policy was going to harm human rights rather than bolstering them. Kuwait’s human rights stance, similar to other nations, included economic, social, and cultural mechanisms aimed at boosting the rights of all sectors of society, he affirmed.

Ambassador Ghunaim went on to say that Kuwait’s human rights values were clearly reflected in its foreign policy, which based on humanitarian assistance and support of fellow human beings. The demography of Kuwaiti society will remain an issue of importance and the people of the country will continue to address matters that will ensure justice and equality within the rule of law, the Kuwaiti diplomat indicated.

Ambassador Ghunaim also touched on the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic, saying that the virus had majorly shifted the world, but the State of Kuwaiti will continue on its path to address negative aspects affecting human rights in the country. The Kuwaiti diplomat concluded that the State of Kuwait will continue to improve its human rights situation via cooperating with other members of the council without compromising its just values and traditions. The Human Rights Council reviews the human rights situation in each member country every four years with members providing periodical reports. – KUNA