UK suspends assets of ex-head of Kuwait social security body

Fahd Al-Rajaan

KUWAIT: Head of the Fatwa and Legislation Department Justice Salah Al-Masaad announced yesterday that the supreme court of the United Kingdom has ordered the worldwide suspension of all assets belonging to former director general of the Public Institution for Social Security Fahd Al-Rajaan. Masaad said in a statement to Kuwait News Agency that the verdict issued by the British court compels the Rajaan to disclose all his assets throughout the world.

The verdict was issued on Oct 16, pending proceedings of a civil lawsuit filed against the former head of the Kuwaiti institution and others, he said, adding that the sentence was based on documents and “presented arguments”. Masaad added that the sentence to freeze the assets has been effective since the issuance of the verdict. Moreover, the British tribunal has accepted a request from the social institution to reveal Rajaan’s assets, where he is compelled to do this regarding all his assets worldwide.

A Kuwaiti team of elite experts from the legislation department coordinated with specialized foreign bureaus to follow up and prepare the case against Rajaan, he said, affirming the determination to track down and bring to account all manipulators of public funds and bring back “the funds that have been illegally seized”. He indicated that during the two-day hearing, the court rejected Rajaan’s arguments. – KUNA