Types of visas

Attorney Fajer Ahmed

Kuwait is a very interesting and dynamic country. What I love about Kuwait most is that it is very diverse. I keep repeating this in my articles and will continue to do so – our diversity is a blessing. It is what makes Kuwait the creative hub that it is, and this is a reason to celebrate Kuwait and embrace our unique differences.
Kuwait follows a very common classification for visas used internationally and in the region, and Kuwait’s most common entry visas are touristic, family, student, business and work – private sector, government, domestic labor and contractor. With that said, I know from the emails that I receive from my readers and from my experience as a lawyer that there are still a lot of questions on the types of visas. So here are a few questions and their answers.

Expired tourist visa
Question: My visa has expired – I am on a tourist visa. I know I would probably have to pay a penalty – how much is it?
Fajer: Depending on the type of permit, the penalties are as follows: Residence: KD 2 daily, two months from the date of entry. Visit: KD 10 daily, one month from the date of entry. Tourism: KD 2 daily, three months from the date of entry.

Working on tourist visa
Question: I have many friends working in Kuwait on a tourist visa or on their husbands’ visas – is this legal?
Fajer: No. It is not legal to work under a tourist visa in Kuwait or on a dependent visa. With that said, I have seen this many times, especially with teachers. It does not make sense that schools are allowed such practices – teachers need to be qualified to be teaching our students and there have to be strict regulations in place. If you are going to do so, be prepared to be deported for violating visa regulations, as it is a violation to work under tourist visas in many countries, resulting in deportation or even a ban from the country or region.

Different name
Question: I am coming to Kuwait in a month and I got my visa. But my name is different than how it is spelled in my passport. Can I still enter the country?
Fajer: If there is any difference in the entry visa data from the passport data, then the entry visa is considered to be cancelled or invalid and prohibits the holder from entering the country.

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By Attorney Fajer Ahmad