KUWAIT: Opposition MP Royadh Al-Adasani yesterday reiterated threats to grill the prime minister, the interior minister and the entire cabinet if needed over alleged violations in various sectors while MP Mohammad Al-Mutair, another opposition lawmaker, threatened to hold the premier accountable.

Writing on Twitter, Mutair said that another employment wrongdoing happened in admitting prosecutors like the one that happened several months ago at the government’s Legal Department.

MPs had claimed that a number of new entrants to the legal department were selected on the basis of favoritism and not competence and demanded immediate action against those responsible for the violation.
Mutair said that the same thing happened at the public prosecution which calls for holding the prime minister accountable, accusing the government of adopting such a policy to prevent people fighting corruption from getting employed.

MP Adasani on his part continued his sharp criticism of Interior Minister Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah over what he claims a biased report by the police against him in a case against him by a former lawmaker.
Adasani was questioned by the public prosecution a few weeks ago for saying that former MP Abdullah Al-Tameemi had obtained financial aid from the prime minister’s office for a Kuwaiti citizen.

Tameemi sued the lawmaker for defamation while Adasani reiterated yesterday that he only repeated what Tameemi himself had said publicly.
Adasani claimed that the police report to the public prosecution was against him and considered that an act of intimidation because of his opposition to the government and for pursuing corruption cases.
The lawmaker reiterated in a statement yesterday that he will continue to expose cases of corruption like the one being investigated by the public prosecution over allegations that at least one MP, some businessmen and former lawmakers are involved in a money-laundering case.

Adasani vowed again that he will not hesitate to grill the prime minister over this issue and threatened he would hold the interior minister accountable for his failures in many cases.

By B Izzak