KUWAIT: Two Kuwaiti citizens, including a middle-aged man, are currently held at a German prison on charges of assaulting a translator who works at the Kuwaiti health office in Murnau hospital. According to sources close to one of the two citizens identified as Ra’ed Al-Enezi who is accompanying his mother who is being treated at the same hospital, the incident happened between Hadi Al-Enezi, a Kuwaiti man in his fifties, and the translator, German of Tunisian origins, when the citizen asked for a medical report. Hadi Al-Enezi retaliated after the translator initiated his attack, then Ra’ed Al-Enezi inter fered in an attempt to break up the fight, said the sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The two citizens were taken to the police station after the translator called police and pressed charges. The charges were later dropped after the two sides reached a settlement. Nevertheless, the two citizens remain in prison for unknown reasons, while the Kuwaiti embassy in Berlin has failed to follow up with the matter, the sources claimed.

Fatal crash Two Asian nationals were killed and four injured during a car collision reported yesterday. Medvac was called in to transfer the injured to the hospital. An investigation was opened to determine the circumstances which led to the accident.

Cucumber prices Bad weather conditions, including soaring temperatures in August is the primary reason behind the increase in cucumber prices which reached as much as KD 1.5 per cardboard box in some outlets, an official said yesterday. Extreme heat has damaged corps, as well as refrigerators and fans used in production which intimately reduced supply from 32,000 boxes a month to 15,000 in July and August, said Hadi Al-Watri, Chairman of the Kuwaiti Farmers Association. Meanwhile, Watri blamed local co-op societies for failure to cooperate with the association, adding that the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor has failed in ‘monitoring’ co-ops to prevent price manipulations.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi