KUWAIT: A Pakistani man was killed when his car flipped over on the Nuwaiseeb road. His body was recovered by the coroner. In another incident, a 17-year-old Kuwaiti was killed when a jet ski he was riding turned over. The accident took place when his friend pulled him as the jet ski he was riding was turning, causing the machine to flip over.

‘IS’ call A citizen who allegedly received a call from the Islamic State (IS) recruiting him into the organization, in fear, called and gave police his old address instead of the new one. The citizen called telling them that some IS members will kidnap him from his house. When police went to the address he gave, the person who answered was a Jordanian and told police he did not call anyone. Police then called the citizen who went to the police station. The citizen explained he received an international call and the caller told him he is from IS and the organization selected him to be a ‘mujahid.’ — Al-Rai, Al-Anbaa

Family injured An Egyptian family was injured when their vehicle collided with another vehicle carrying four juveniles. The man, his wife and daughter were taken to Mubarak hospital, while the four juveniles were taken to the police station. Police are investigating the reason behind the accident.

Missing A citizen reported his 20-year-old daughter missing after she went to visit her friends but did not return. The citizen told Adan police that his daughter made them believe she was going to visit her friend who lives close to their house, but she did not return, and her phone was switched off. Her friend said she did not visit her. Detectives are working on the case.

KD 146,000 debt A citizen wanted on a KD 146,000 debt was arrested by Sabah Al-Nasser police. The arrest was made at a checkpoint. He was referred to the proper authorities for further action.

Robberies A Syrian man was arrested for robbing a phone store, taking five phones and KD 70 from the cash register. A Bangladeshi man had told police that a shop he works in was broken into so detectives worked on the case and arrested the suspect. Separately, a beauty salon was broken into and KD 700 was stolen, reported the legal representative of the salon owner to Salmiya police. Criminal evidence police went to the salon and took evidence including fingerprints. Meanwhile, a citizen in his thirties told Riqqa police that KD 1,500 disappeared from a room with no sign of forced entry. He accused the maid and driver of stealing the money as both have disappeared. Fingerprints were lifted, while detectives are working on locating them. In another incident, a female citizen wanted on an armed robbery case was arrested and sent to Salwa police station.