MP Dr Abdullah Al-Turaiji
MP Dr Abdullah Al-Turaiji

KUWAIT: MP Dr Abdullah Al-Turaiji asked Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al- Khaled Al-Sabah to investigate the exit of several expats using forged Kuwaiti passports from Kuwait International Airport in the past few days. “We trust the interior minister and he works hard to improve security systems, but there are some leaders who are not as competent as they should be,” he charged. He said that border crossings should be manned by highly responsible men.

Turaiji said on August 19 two Iraqis left Kuwait airport using forged passports, and asked the minister to question the passport holders on how their passports reached the Iraqis who left Kuwait and reached a European country. He added that on May 22, a five-member family left Kuwait through Kuwait International Airport using forged Kuwaiti passports with the help of an official who was able to smuggle them out, but they were caught later in a Gulf country. He said on Aug 25, a Kuwaiti citizen got an expat out using a forged passport and both of them reached Europe through a Gulf country. The citizen then returned and was arrested in a Gulf country.

Oil prices MP Faisal Al-Duwaisan yesterday claimed “[MPs] had warned against the drop of oil prices in a dramatic fashion, while the government was assuring citizens that things will not get worse”. “We asked the government to find an alternative source of income, but they did not listen, and now what we warned against has taken place, so the government should shoulder full responsibility because of its negligence,” he added

Peaceful resolution Deputy Speaker Mubarak Al-Khrainej said the issue of the offshore Durra field should be resolved diplomatically with Iran and affirmed his trust in Kuwait’s diplomacy. He asked Iran to express its good intentions and comply with international charters and strengthen good neighborliness with Gulf countries.

By A Saleh