KUWAIT: A Tunisian expat beat her Kuwaiti husband’s other wife, also a citizen, according to a complaint in Adailiya police station. The beating took place in the Tunisian wife’s home, as the Kuwaiti wife went there looking for their shared husband. A security source said the victim who lives in Andalus, went to the house of the Tunisian wife because she had not seen her husband in some time. The woman was surprised by the Tunisian woman responding aggressively to her arrival and the two got into a heated verbal exchange that evolved into physical blows. Then the husband came outside and broke up the fight and told his Kuwaiti wife to go to her home and not cause problems. The Kuwaiti went to the police station instead and told them that she was beaten and that someone stole her phone. Authorities are investigating.

Woman photographed
A citizen accused a 4WD driver of photographing her with his phone as he passed by her in Bayan area. A security source the citizen told Bayan police that when she was driving in the area, the 4WD owner photographed her. She gave police the license plate number. Hawally detectives are investigating.