Reckless driver obstructed traffic, insulted police

KUWAIT: The Relations and Security Information Department at the Interior Ministry released a statement commenting on a video clip that circulated on social media and allegedly showed a concrete mixer truck driver unloading leftovers on the side of a main road. Environment police acted and arrested the driver, took him to the police station where he was charged and sentenced to administrative deportation. A citation was also issued to the company that owns the truck.

KUWAIT: This photo released by the Interior Ministry yesterday shows a screengrap from a video clip allegedly posted by a suspect who was arrested for reckless driving and insulting police.

Reckless driver arrested
Meanwhile, the Relations and Security Information Department commented on a video clip that was also posted on social media and allegedly showed a reckless driver who attacked police. In its statement, the ministry noted that on Friday, a vehicle was spotted deliberately obstructing traffic, and it was carrying a dog that was seen sticking its head out of the window. When the driver was asked to pull over, she refused and drove recklessly until she was forced stopped at Abdullah Al-Salem. She refused to hand police her license and registrations, then sped off to an unknown location. Policemen did not chase her in order to protect motorists’ lives and property, and instead noted down the license plate number. The woman later posted a video on social media, in which she insulted police. The woman will be charged with obstructing traffic, failure to heed to police orders, escaping from police and recklessness, the interior ministry said in its statement.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and Agencies