Businessman questioned on suspicions of swindling KD 20 million

KUWAIT: Three youths killed their friend over a personal dispute in Kabd Saturday night. The murder was committed in the desert, as one of the suspects lured the victim by inviting him to meet to bury the hatchet. An informed source said the suspects stabbed the victim, and when he attempted to escape, they chased him in their vehicle and ran over him several times. The sources said two of the suspects almost fled Kuwait, but detectives were able to arrest them before they boarded the aircraft.

Businessman detained
A well-known businessman (S S) was detained at a Jahra police station on charges of swindling KD 20 million. A Qatari had filed complaints against him.

Fire drill
Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) carried out an exercise at Al-Raya Towers as part of a series of training programs at high rise buildings. Firemen from three fire stations as well as interior ministry officers participated. The exercise mimicked the scenario of a fire at the 43rd floor, so 2,000 employees were evacuated and water was pumped to the floor. The entire drill lasted 30 minutes. The exercise was done under the supervision of Colonel Ahmad Hayef Al-Rasheedi.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun