KUWAIT: Two cross dressers were sent to the criminal investigation department after being arrested by a police patrol. The officers spotted a car with two “girls” inside but upon checking their IDs, discovered the two were actually males. Both were wearing makeup and women’s clothing, which is a considered a criminal offense in Kuwait.

Drug users, traders busted At Farwaniya patrol discovered a citizen in a car and upon checking the vehicle found various illicit narcotics and pills. In Jleeb, an expatriate was stopped by a police patrol for not wearing his seatbelt and when his car was searched more than 500 Tramadol tablets and KD 225 were found with him. In Andalus a liquor factory was raided, where an Asian and 106 bottles were found. The arrested were sent to DCGD

Fake detectives caught A citizen and a bedoon were arrested in possession of a military uniform and drugs in addition to other things that may have been stolen, while posing as detectives. Both were sent to the criminal investigation department.

Kidnapping or not? Police received a call about the kidnapping of a woman in Abdallah Mubarak, so a hunt was launched and two men were found with the woman, who denied that she was kidnapped.

Series of thefts Technicians from criminal evidence collected material and lifted finger prints from a pen where six sheep were stolen from Qashaniya area, as their owner complained to police. An Indian lady told Jabriya police that an unknown person stole jewelry from her flat worth KD 1230. While a citizen told Fahaheel police that his phone was stolen.

Heroin smuggling attempt foiled Airport customs officers discovered 800g of heroin hidden in a sofa, at the free zone. A security source said while the customs officers were checking a furniture shipment, were surprised with capsules inside a sofa and discovered the heroin in it. Investigations are underway to find out the source of the illicit substance