munaIn a horrifying incident, police in Kuwait arrested an Asian woman involved with a gang specialized in trafficking in babies. Trafficking in children is a form of human trafficking, and its unclear exactly what fate awaited these babies or how they would lead lives without documents or other necessary paperwork. There is also fear that the babies were being trafficked for illicit purposes not to be sold to desperate would-be parents for adoption. Although security sources said that all the babies involved were born outside wedlock, this doesn’t justify their act and they should be punished for their crime.

Police had the woman under surveillance for a while and she was arrested with one of the mothers and four newborn babies. The babies have been hospitalized. The suspect confessed to acting as a middleperson for her compatriots. She said she usually took the babies immediately after birth and sold them for KD 250 each to childless couples.

The fact that these babies were born outside wedlock facilitated the process, as no claims will be made by their parents. I guess their parents would not want to have anything to do with them and may even be involved in selling the babies and making quick cash out of their own flesh!

Several reports have been issued by the United Nations and organizations warning of the growing threat of organized crime in human trafficking, especially of women and children, and in the trade of human organs in recent years. This is a disgusting and shameful crime. Human trafficking has become the third largest illegal trade in the world after drug dealing and arms running.

Trafficking in babies must receive strict punishment, and should not be merely classified as kidnapping or any common crime because there are gangs and criminal organizations behind such evil acts. Luckily, this gang in Kuwait was arrested before harming the poor babies. The authorities must be on alert to prevent and detect new cases of human trafficking. The government must implement new laws for the protection of victims of trafficking and help them with full respect of their human rights.

By Muna Al-Fuzai