KUWAIT: Kuwait’s commissioned and non-commissioned officers at the traffic department ranked top among officers of other ministry departments for being questioned at the department of inspection and supervision in 2018, as complaints against them were received related to arbitrary issuance of traffic citations against citizens and expats. Informed sources said more than 100 officers and non-commissioned officers at the traffic department were summoned and questioned. They said investigations of the complaints and making the two sides face each other revealed that a number of complaints were malicious, while some officers faced punishments for misuse of authority, as investigations proved they overstepped the law. The sources said traffic officers are more interactive with the public and are more monitored on the street due to the nature of their job in the field, so for them to rank first in being investigated does not undermine the efficiency of workers in the sector.

Newborn near Salwa house
Hawally detectives are investigating the case of a newborn who was abandoned in front of a Salwa house inside a bag to identify the culprit. A Kuwaiti man heard the cries of the infant near the house and found the baby in the bag, so he called police, who arrived along with paramedics, who rushed the baby to Mubarak Hospital.

Cables thief at large
Detectives along with forensic experts are looking for a thief who stole cables from a newly constructed building in West Mishref, which belongs to the interior ministry. A police source said the building is for police force affairs. Employees were surprised by the disappearance of the expensive cables and the damage of others as they were moved away from their designated place. The contractor had brought them just one day before their theft.

Search for hacker
A Kuwaiti woman sought the help of electronic department detectives to identify a hacker who broke into her online account and defamed her by posting online video clips that damaged her reputation. The victim said that the suspect posted her phone number online too. The woman, who could not access her account, received calls from her friends who were shocked by the clips on her account, and when she told them the account was hacked, they attempted to call the hacker, who started to blackmail them. The woman filed a complaint and investigations began.

Fugitive in custody
A wanted Kuwaiti was arrested by criminal detectives in Mahboula. He had forged documents with him including a Saudi ID, car titles and license plates, and led detectives to two stolen cars and an amount of shabu. A police source said that a person complained to Mubarak Al-Kabeer police about a theft. Detectives were able to identify the suspect, who is wanted on criminal and civil cases. The suspect was located in Mahboula, where he was arrested, and was found under the influence of drugs. He was sent to the public prosecution for further legal action.

Underage girl found
Police arrested a Kuwaiti man and a minor Syrian woman who was reported missing. The two were found together in a Salmiya apartment. After a Syrian informed police his 16-year-old daughter was missing, detectives located her in Salmiya. The girl was arrested and she said she spent time with a citizen with her consent and gave them his details. He was arrested. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Qabas and Al-Rai