The vehicle’s remains twisted around a light post and The victims’ bodies lie on the ground
The vehicle’s remains twisted around a light post and The victims’ bodies lie on the ground

KUWAIT: Three women were killed in an accident at the King Fahad Road which left their car cut into three pieces from the severity of the impact. Preliminary investigations indicate that the car was driving at high speed when the driver lost control and it crashed right into a light post, ripping it into pieces. The three victims are Kuwaiti aged 25, 19 and 18. Police, paramedics and fire department officers dealt with case. An investigation was opened to determine the circumstances behind the accident.

18,000 liquor bottles
Shuwaikh customs officers foiled an attempt to smuggle liquor into Kuwait, as thousands of bottles were found hidden in car tires in a shipment that arrived from the United Arab Emirates. The shipment was initially estimated to contain around 5,000 bottles at a value of KD 250 thousand, but later estimations revealed that it contained nearly 18,000 in six containers. A prime suspect has reportedly been identified.

Truck accident
A truck transporting nitrogen near North Shuaiba Port’s gate flipped over, prompting Ahmadi fire center men to respond. The truck was moved to another carrier. No injuries were reported.

Driver unharmed
A car fell into a hole in a gas station in Ishbiliya, prompting Farwaniya fire department to respond. Firemen lifted the car using a hydraulic machine, and managed to get it out of the hole without harming the driver. No injuries were reported in the incident.

Armed robbery
A man told Fintas police that he was robbed inside a grocery store. He added that a person carrying an axe entered, headed to the cash register and took KD 500 before escaping. Investigations are ongoing.

Drug possession
Ahmadi police arrested two men with possession of drugs. A security source said patrol officers saw a car in the parking lot of a mosque and became suspicious, so they asked for the IDs of the two persons inside. Then, they searched them and found 60 brown tablets in one man’s, in addition to one blue tablet as well as KD 718. One of them was also found to be wanted for failure to pay KD 424 to a telephone company.

Ahmadi arrests
Police arrested a man with 20 bottles suspected of containing liquor in Ahmadi. Meanwhile, Ahmadi police arrested a man under the influence of drugs, and was found with possession of drugs. A security source said that patrol officers caught a citizen with possession of a black bag containing a green substance mixed with a crystalline white material Suspected of being drugs. He was sent to the Drug Control General Department (DCGD).

Traffic statistics
Traffic department statistics during the first week of November indicated that 2,065 cars and 44 motorcycles were impounded, while 95 persons were detained for committing violations including crossing red lights, over-speeding, recklessness, and not having a driving license. Meanwhile, 10 expats were deported for driving without a license.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun