Fugitive arrested after 13 years at large

KUWAIT: Interior Ministry Undersecretary Lt Gen Esam Al-Naham visits a coastguardsman who was injured in the accident

KUWAIT: Three Asian nationals were killed, a Kuwaiti citizen was critically injured and a coastguardsman sustained an injury after a coastguard boat collided with the citizen’s boat while entering Al-Kout docking area. Interior Ministry Undersecretary Lt Gen Esam Al-Naham visited the injured in hospital and wished them speedy recovery.

The general security sector carried out several campaigns in Kuwait’s governorates to maintain public order and arrest violators. The campaigns resulted in arresting 13 residency violators, 28 people without IDs, six with suspected drugs, and 181 for traffic violations.

Attempted murder
A domestic dispute in Waha turned violent, with a fight between a citizen and two bedoons on one side and two citizens on the other. The fight did not stop until a weapon was fired and one of those involved received a stab wound in his head, Al-Rai reproted. Police arrested the five and charged them with attempted murder.

Diplomat convicted
The court of first instance convicted a Kuwaiti diplomat of insulting and attacking police and ordered him to pay a KD 50 fine for each offense. An informed source said that while the agriculture authority was carrying out a campaign against overgrazing in Jahra, they issued a warning against a farm near the highway to prevent camels from crossing the Sixth Ring Road, but the farm owner objected, so they sought police help. The owner then called the diplomat and he arrived at the farm. He also objected to the warning, then attacked and insulted policemen who lodged a complaint against him, and the court ruling came accordingly.

Fugitive caught
A citizen sentenced to 99 years in jail on drugs charges, who was at large for 13 years as he used his brother’s name, and faces charges of kidnapping and molesting a minor, was arrested following stiff resistance in Doha. Detectives who were handling cases of fugitives located the suspect in Doha, got a warrant and went to arrest him. He said he was using his brother’s IDs while moving around.

KD 10,000 debt
A woman who took her daughter to hand her to her ex-husband was arrested and taken to the civil implementation department. A security source said a dispute took place between a citizen and her bedoon ex-husband, who lodged a complaint accusing her of kidnapping their daughter. The woman told police she does not have custody of the child. Police then told her to bring the child and hand her to her ex-husband. The source said police checked on the background of the woman and found she is wanted on a KD 10,000 debt, so she was detained.

Police arrested two citizens for harassing a woman in Abdullah Al-Salem. Policemen noticed the two approaching a car driven by a woman, so they approached them. The woman said they were harassing her, so they were arrested and will face legal action.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and Agencies