Three ‘engineers’ arrested for work permits’ forgery

KUWAIT: The electronic linking between government and private entities led to the discovery of a large number of people who entered Kuwait with forged degrees and qualifications, and got jobs and residencies based on them. Head of the Engineers Society Eng Faisal Al-Atal said the prosecution detained three Indian engineers for forging work permits and official documents. He said investigations revealed that the three do not meet conditions of issuing work permits, which is not issued without the engineering society’s approval, and that they forged their work permits based on which they received residency permits. Atal said residency detectives asked about three Indian engineers in the oil sector. The three had files at the society but they were denied accreditation. Investigations are under way.

Maid found dead
The body of an Indian domestic helper was recovered by the coroner after she was found dead in her room under mysterious circumstances in her sponsor’s house. Interior Ministry operations received a call from a citizen claiming he found her dead in her room. Ahmadi police, and paramedics responded, then when death was confirmed forensics were called in. Investigations are ongoing to find out the reasons of the death.

A citizen report the theft of construction material at his building in the absence of the guard. A security source said the building’s owner told Wafra police that while checking the construction work, he was shocked to discover the disappearance of large quantities of construction material worth thousands of dinars, as the guard was on leave. Detectives are working on the case.

Malicious complaint
A Bangladeshi woman failed in accusing an Egyptian man of beating and sexually harassing her. Detectives found out that the complaint was malicious. A security source said the woman said a man went too far and touched sensitive parts of her body then beat her up. Detectives arrested him, but he denied the charges. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai