KUWAIT: A Kuwaiti woman, her daughter and granddaughter were killed as their vehicle flipped over after a collision on Kabd Road near the second roundabout, Al-Rai Arabic daily reported yesterday. The three victims were trapped in their vehicle, but had died by the time they were pulled out. The driver of the other vehicle was taken to hospital. The deceased were recovered by forensics.

Meanwhile, the same daily reported that three Kuwaitis are being questioned for flying gliders in Khairan in violation of the law and not having licenses. A citizen told police about the gliders equipped with cameras flying over the chalets of Sabah Al-Ahmad Sea Area.

A source said it is necessary to obtain licenses to fly gliders and drones from the civil aviation to avoid legal action. In a separate case, a Kuwaiti under the influence of drugs caused three traffic accidents in Hawally. Police found drugs on him, which he claimed were for his personal use, reported Al-Rai. Those involved in the accidents filed charges against him.