KUWAIT: Interior Ministry operations received a call about a dead body found in the parking lot of a Salmiya school. Investigations revealed that three of the Asian man’s friends were involved in his death. The three were arrested and confessed that the victim was with them when they were abusing the psychoactive drug ‘chemical’, which is a street name for a drug prepared from ‘Spice’ (synthetic marijuana) with added chemicals. The victim lost consciousness and started bleeding from the mouth and nose, so his friends dumped him between cars and escaped, they said. They were sent to concerned authorities.

Fugitive arrested
A person with a criminal record added yet another charge to his record when he resisted arrest and stabbed a detective in his hand, Al-Rai reported. The man, who is wanted on theft charges, showed fierce resistance before his arrest which came two weeks after he stole a car from a Shuwaikh garage, and was found driving it using fake license plates. The suspect is a bedoon (stateless) and has a record of theft and drug use.