Khajah‘A study to allocate Jaber Hospital for Kuwaitis only’, ‘Deporting 23 expats for a quarrel and publishing their photos’ and ‘Restricting camping for Kuwaitis only’ are three news stories that emerged in less than 10 days. The first one talks about excluding 75 percent of Kuwait’s population – expats – from using the largest hospital in the Middle East to avoid crowds and long queues while Kuwaitis receive medical care.

Well, I am not going to talk about a hospital that will not be open before a year from now, because on the one hand, even if the building itself is completely constructed by then, it will not be an easy task to equip and man such a gigantic project, and on the other hand, we lack good planning skills. I will rather focus on how idiotic it is to allocate a hospital for a specific nationality, because instead of solving the original problem of having over 76 percent of Kuwait’s population of expats simply because Kuwaitis do not like working and prefer having expats do their work, the government came up with the worst solution to rid citizens of crowds, a solution that violates the simplest human rights because a patient ought to receive medical services in any health facility regardless of nationality and identity.

However, if there is actually a need to allocate the hospital for some categories, which I am absolutely against, this hospital ought to be allocated to those who work harder in Kuwait, that is, of course, expats who clean roads, construct buildings, pave streets, lay pipes, drive trucks and work in various restaurants and stores that provide everything we need because we would not have managed to do anything if it were not for them, and them alone.

Speaking about deporting 23 expats on the very same day they had a quarrel is another calamity, because, represented by the interior ministry, the government discarded any motives for the fight. No investigation was done to determine who was the culprit and who was defending himself. None of them were prosecuted and the deportation decision was made as soon as the quarrel video appeared on social media networks. On top of that, MoI also published photos of the 19 fighting expats, while those of citizens arrested with 19 tons of weapons are so far withheld from the public, which means that MoI was not annoyed by the quarrel itself, and that it has double standards in dealing with various problems and incidents.

The third news story comes to kill all possible forms of humanity in the ‘Humanity Center’ by restricting camping, enjoying Kuwait deserts and recreation to one quarter of Kuwait’s population – Kuwaitis. You are not allowed to have fun in Kuwait unless you hold Kuwaiti citizenship.

In short, expats in Kuwait only have to work, work and work only with having any access to recreation in Kuwait. They will not have access to medical treatment along with Kuwaitis if they ever dare to get sick. They will also be deported if they ever express any dissatisfaction with such restrictions.

Oh, how I hope that all expats would leave so that we realize that we will not manage to live without them, even in doing the simplest errands. We will manage to do nothing without them, and yet we deprive them the right to live like us on this land. Finally, I would like to point out that if the same was applied to Kuwaitis abroad, none of them, even if they were travelling for tourism, would stay out of Kuwait for a single day. Nevertheless, we are asking non-Kuwaitis living here to accept and adapt to such weird patterns of life! – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Jarida

By Ali Mahmoud Khajah