LabeedSocial media applications have dominated our world. And although most of them can be downloaded on all kinds of platforms free of charge, there is still a price that people pay when they spend the majority of their day sending messages, reading entries or ‘liking’ posts.

Millions of people surf through applications run by multibillion-dollar companies every day. The world has become more alert.

Social media has become the thing that people start their days with; even before having coffee and the last thing they check before going to bed; even after saying goodnight to their loved ones. People hope that the topics they discuss online would be well appreciated by their ‘followers’ or the people they send messages to.

They enter discussions in all kinds of topics without restrictions of age, origin or gender, in an endless virtual space where all human beings are equal. E-mails used to be the main platform of communications at the beginning of the electronic age. People used to share opinions, letters, sayings, jokes, multimedia files and other things using e-mails.

Furthermore, e-mails once served as a somewhat successful advertising platform, but the limitations at the time – including expensive high speed internet access as well as the fact that most people could only access e-mails through computers – hindered it from being a reliable stage for the marketing business. All that changed however with the spread of smartphones and social media applications, making soft advertising more accessible and easier than ever.

Meanwhile, search engines have transformed to become the main source of information for people, governments, and even authorities who can use them to collect personal information about individuals connected to a criminal investigation, provided that they obtain an authorization from court. Smartphones have become portals that can transport its holder to anywhere around the world with a single tap on a device in his hands.

This level of convenience has created many addicts to technology – people who spend more time on their smartphones than with their families or doing physical activities, and those who cannot let go of their smartphones even when they go to bed.

Therefore, I advice those who feel that they are becoming addicted to social media to try and keep their phones in a separate room when they go to sleep, in order to avoid waking up in the middle of the night to check new messages, ‘followers,’ comments or ‘likes’ on their posts!

By Labeed Abdal