KaramAt the health ministry, and at the main administration, there is an isolated corner which can be called the secret apparatus or the brain of health ministry and more precisely, the minister.

In other words, it is the ‘kitchen’ where decisions and rules are made for the minister and health ministry leaders, bearing in mind that all those in that off-limits corner starting with the security guard who stands at the door, secretaries, clerks, all the way to advisors and experts are expats, and more precisely from one nationality.

They are like the mafia that controls, leads and forms the steel wall that is difficult to penetrate no matter how strong influence, faith or physical strength you may have! I may feel sorry for the health minister and current health ministry leaders, as well as all former ministers and leaders who did not do anything without consulting and approval of that secret apparatus behind the steel wall. So whoever wants to hold the health minister to account and reveal secrets and truths that are buried under the floor of health ministry, must storm the steel gate of that terrible corner and expose those faces that work as a secret mafia.

This is what is going on inside the health ministry, and this is how things are being run at the leaders’ offices, and is reflecting on the ministry’s performance and its dealing with health issues, employment matters, promotions, assignments, purchases, tenders and bringing doctors and technicians from abroad.

If we leave the steel wall and secret apparatus alone and look at the other side, we find the magic paper in the minister’s pocket with which he charms the strongest of eyes and the loudest voices in the National Assembly which immunizes him from grillings and criticism, which is the paper of sending the malingerers among voters, family and friends to go on tourism at the expense of the state in Europe with the cover of treatment abroad, and this is where the issue lies, because whoever grills the minister will lose his popular base.

So who is courageous enough to grill the minister without being worried about losing the elections? And who is courageous to penetrate the steel wall and reveal what is inside that suspicious corner? Who is courageous enough to stop the “no objection signatures” to send malingerers abroad at the expense of public funds? We want a legendary hero that storms that secret wall and exposes the mafia network that runs the health ministry from behind it!

—Translated by Kuwait Times

By Hassan Ali Karam