The Diplomatic Women’s Committee started its Cultural Exchange Season 2020-2021 by welcoming new women ambassadors, spouses of ambassadors and women diplomats at Sadu House in the presence of the honorary chairperson of DWC Sheikha Halah Bader Muhammad Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and a group of ambassadors. Among the attendees were the representative of the committee, the ambassadors of Sierra Leone, US, UK, France, Tanzania and Kenya, and spouses of ambassadors accredited to Kuwait.

The program began with a welcome from Sheikha Halah, who reviewed the history of the Sharq region and the ancient artwork of Sadu House. She introduced a few Kuwaiti traditions and described the origin of Arabian coffee and the unmissable aspect of Kuwaiti lifestyle. She also extended her thanks and gratitude to the Chairperson of Sadu House Council Sheikha Altaf Al-Sabah for providing DWC this opportunity for the meetup and for introducing Kuwaiti culture to the international community, with Kuwait returning to normal life after the pandemic. Sheikha Halah also thanked newspapers and TV channels for the coverage of this event.

The representative of the committee, ambassador of Sierra Leone, president of DWC, and the spouse of the ambassador of Togo welcomed the guests and praised the distinguished cultural events and activities of DWC throughout its cultural season, providing a platform for community meetup for diplomats accredited to Kuwait and serving as a bridge to rejuvenate social and cultural relations between Kuwait and the international community.

The vice president of Sadu House summarized the international heritage value of the house and briefed attendees about the activities of Sadu House throughout the year, as members were honored by Sheikha Halah and souvenirs were distributed. In the closing remarks, the advisor of the committee Narjis Al-Shatti thanked the guests for attending the opening event of DWC’s cultural exchange season. It was a wonderful social and cultural evening that everyone enjoyed with the essence of Arabian coffee and the fragrance of bakhour.