Badrya Darwish
Badrya Darwish

As I cannot lately write freely about many things in Kuwait like faux budget deficits, rising prices and inflation, subsidy removals and the effects on the nation, school tuition fees, foreign relations and many other topics, I’ve decided to focus on our beautiful Kuwait environment.

In a recent report I read about the global environment, Kuwait ranked very poorly in all indicators. I was not surprised to see that the report noted we have poor air quality, pollution and other environmental problems. Actually, I didn’t need the report to tell me this. When you live in Kuwait, you know very easily the problems with the environment including the savage heat, dust storms from our neighbors’ lands which land on our heads, pollution from the oil industry, etc.

Of course we have bad quality of air due to the above-mentioned reasons, but in my opinion there are solutions that we could consider. Forestation or the greening of Kuwait, which can be easily done by the government and private companies in partnership. It will firstly help reduce the heat and dust and create more oxygen and beautify the country. And I don’t think it’s beyond our reach financially or scientifically. There are concerns about water resources, but there are plenty of trees and plants that can survive in semiarid climates and we seem to have plenty of water for the oil industry. We can also use to some extent brackish water like they do at Wafra farms mixed with potable water.

Before the invasion, Kuwait was working on a plan to develop green spaces. Unfortunately, that plan was halted after the liberation and never revived in earnest. If we have serious intentions, we can find solutions. This affects not only our health, but our children’s health too, be they nationals or expats – the weather does not differentiate. I think this issue should be taken seriously to change Kuwait’s environment for future generations – our future generations won’t only need money, but a place to live as well.

By Badrya Darwish