munaHas anyone seen the map published online under the title “New Middle East”? Is it really possible to abolish entire states with the stroke of a pen by sectarian chaos? This map was framed on the basis of sec tarian divides and this is why journalists and human rights activists today need to focus on every aspect of it more than ever. The “New Middle East” project was first introduced publicly by former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in 2006.

At that time, the theory of “construc tive chaos” seemed a fantasy and exaggeration. Today we are in 2015, and I have a second opinion about the matter with a new perspective. I believe the whole issue was underestimated or was not fully comprehended at that time. Since 2011, “creative chaos” and the Arab Spring have swept up many Arab countries in their path for the formation of the New Middle East or the “Greater Middle East ”.

These events generated conditions of violence and warfare throughout the region in order to speed up the redrawing of the map of the Middle East. The more I read in depth about this project, it seems clear to me that it has portrayed our lands as an area that does not have any heritage, history or rights. The Arab Spring was harmful and bloody since its birth in light of the increasing rise of sectarianism and mercenaries like IS and others who are working to speed up the mission.

The current Middle East conflicts are indicators about the upcoming split of the Arab lands into parts. This fragmentation will facilitate control over the weaker states. I t is unfortunate that political movements in the Middle East are no longer fighting for democracy or human rights.

They have become sectarian, and civil conflicts are the natural end to sectarian fights. This is troubling for sure. S ome politicians believe that the new Middle East project is to serve Israel and its interests in the region. I don’t think so – at least not at this stage. This chaos is also endangering Israeli interests and threatens it too. Sectarian violence is very dangerous, unpredictable and spreading fast.

This project has gone through many stages of planning over the years by creating a state of chaos, instability and violence in many countries in the Middle East. They say it is hard to predict the long-term situation in the M iddle East, but the more we read how this project works, the more we know about the threat we are facing. It will put millions of lives in danger and create a bloodbath until the time of its ending. This is enough to know.

By Muna Al-Fuzai


Letters to Muna

Dear Muna,
I thank you for always shedding light on crucial important social issues, such as the child law. Child abuse has been spreading due to a lack of decisive law enforcement to tackle this matter. School staff, grocers and bus drivers can be dangerous to kids, along with some bachelors living in family residential area. In the West, there are special separate departments to deal with child abuse cases and kids are taught at about their rights and even have the hotline number of the department.

They can easily make a call to report any incident. When you write, I feel in each line how are you concerned and frustrated why we as a nation are careless, backward and ignorant. We are moving too slow, and not even towards progress but to primitive ages. The situation requires the cooperation of all of us, otherwise the society will be damaged and things will fall apart.