realRelationships in life are what keep you going, whether it is was friends, partner or lover, each and every relationship you’re a part of is completely different than the other, depending on the person you are dealing with. People who encourage and cheer you on are the type of people you want to keep around you. They enjoy watching you grow and bloom, however, others might enjoy watching you be destroyed. What’s scary about this is that the people who enjoy watching you break down sometimes seem nicer to you than the people who want to see you succeed.

Nowadays, its extremely difficult to completely trust someone with your life or be one hundred percent yourself with someone. You hear all these horrible and sad betrayal stories and all about the ideal couple going through an ugly divorce. I feel like a person can make a mature and accurate decision once they’ve fully matured and experienced life. Sometimes, you need to be broken in order to grow and become a better person, and this is not only for your personal life, but also for your work life and career. Once you’ve loved and educated yourself, you can make better decisions.

Experiencing life and meeting new people from different backgrounds can give you an incredible outlook in life. If you’re around the same people or the same type of people all of your life then it’s time for a change. Appreciating and accepting “different” people is always a humbling and eye-opening experience. Travel, meet new people, listen to their life stories and their struggles, it makes you appreciate what you already have and also encourages you to get what you feel is missing in your life.

Successful people
Education plays a vital role in building your personality and character, and it’s not only done by reading books. Experiencing different jobs and positioning is also education as you learn more about your field and the problems you might encounter along the way. The most successful people in their fields are the people who’ve started from the bottom and worked their way up to the top. Successful never comes without hard work and consistency, but first, you must find yourself and your genuine passion. Ask yourself, what do I love? Who do I want to be? What do I want to be remembered for? Keep in mind the answers to your questions don’t necessarily have to be the president of a country nor a good will ambassador! It can be as simple as being a volunteer at a shelter, a nutritionist, an artist, anything your heart truly loves.

If you’re surrounded by people who don’t have much going on in their lives, and tend to bring you down for dreaming big then for you to actually accomplish your dreams you need to let go of these negative people. Many people have so much potential but are dragged down because of who they decide to be around, that could be your husband/wife, partner, friend, colleague, whoever it is that you have in your life should want to see you do better and succeed. These people need to love you for your first and foremost then for any other reason.

Never accept anything less for yourself than what you give for others. You set the tone of your life and the only factor standing between yourself and success is you. Your brain is much more powerful than you know. Use it wisely.