Abdullah Buwair
Abdullah Buwair

Today, I am talking about a senior official who has devoted himself to serving his home country Kuwait – Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khaled Al-Sabah. The man is well-known and is not a stranger to the interior ministry. He is one of its sons. The man is very righteous and fair, and at the same time, does not tolerate any law violation.

I still recall what he said years ago during what is known as the ‘Khaitan incident’ that caused a lot of damage to public and private property. “There is no courtesy when it comes to security,” he said. Yes, your excellency. Those were well-said words!
During the Imam Al-Sadeq mosque incident in Ramadan, you were the first to arrive to the crime scene after His Highness the Amir. You closely watched the procedures and never rested until you identified and caught the culprits who committed such a terrible crime in record time and brought them to justice. You also did very well during Muharram when you provided all husseinyas with more than enough security.

We all witnessed this first hand and did not hear about it as hearsay. You toured various husseiniyas yourself daily to check how secure they were and provided security for both citizens and expatriates. You had a firm grip towards whoever thought of harming our beloved Kuwait. We cannot also forget how you chased terrorism supporters a few days ago when your men arrested a number of people affiliated to IS in Kuwait and brought them to justice.

Your excellency, we cannot thank you enough, and call to honor you with the highest awards and medals for your sincere efforts and devotion because you are truly the right man in the right place. May Almighty Allah protect you to serve our beloved Kuwait!

By Abdullah Abbas Bowair