KUWAIT: Two juveniles, a citizen and an Egyptian, were recently arrested for stabbing a taxi driver and stealing KD 30 from him in Farwaniya, said security sources. Case papers indicate that the driver reported that two juveniles had stopped him in Rabiya, stabbed him with a knife and stole KD 30 from him. The two boys were later arrested and admitted that they had committed similar robberies.

Nose broken in fight A citizen recently filed a complaint against one of his friends accusing him of breaking his nose during a fight over some old unsettled business. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress

Maid hurt in escape A housemaid recently sustained several fractures and bruises when she fell from the second floor of her sponsors’ house in Farwaniya while she was trying to climb down and flee the house, said security sources noting that the maid tied herself to a rope she had made out of bed sheets but it broke during the attempt.a

Drunk driver arrested An Indian man was arrested in Hawally driving under the influence of alcohol, said security sources noting that the man was driving erratically and when they stopped him, policemen found half a bottle of whiskey with him. A case was filed.

Fake officer sought Jahra detectives are currently trying to identify and arrest a young man dressed in military uniform for barging into a cafe and fighting with the staff. The fake officer was angry because a customer had taken the usual table of a girl he knew, said security sources. According to the cafe staff, a fight had started between two girls when one of them found the other sitting at her usual table and asked her to move. The waiters added that moments later, a young man in uniform arrived and started shouting at them all but he quickly fled the scene along with the female customer when the cafe management called police.

Jahra fire A fire broke out in a 7-floor Jahra building, said security sources noting that firemen rushed to the scene and the building had to be evacuated to fight the fire. No casualties were reported. However, firemen reported that they retrieved a copy of the Holy Quran from one of the totally burned down rooms and stressed that the Quran was not affected by the flames.

Murder victim found The corpse of an Asian was recently found near a labor dormitory at Mina Abdullah (Abdullah Port) area with traces of a blow to the head and several abdominal burns, said security sources noting that the corpse was referred to forensic medicine to determine the cause of death pending further investigations.

Bomb threat A citizen recently informed Jahra police that she had received a mobile call from someone who claimed to be an IS member and told her that a vehicle loaded with explosives was parked outside her house and that she would have to take care of it for four hours until someone picked the explosives up. A bomb squad was dispatched to the scene and on examining the vehicle, they found out it was a hoax call. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress to identify the caller. Another female citizen reported that her brother- in-law ( her sister’s husband) possessed an explosive belt he intended to use in blowing up a mosque in Rigae. The lady provided policemen with the man’s address. However, on searching the man’s house and vehicle, detectives found out that the sister-in-law’s call was a hoax over family disputes

Arrests from crackdown A recent crackdown along Wafra and Subhan highways resulted in the arrest of 11 wanted people, 106 in violation of residency laws, filing of 228 tickets and confiscation of three vehicles that had been reported stolen including one found outside Al-Sadiq mosque