KUWAIT: Criminal detectives arrested three teenagers, a 15-year-old boy and two 14-year-old girls on drug-related charges. The boy was remanded in custody pending court procedures to face charges of drug abuse. Meanwhile, the girls also face charges for accompanying a drug user. Separately, police found an unconscious man under a bridge with a hashish joint next to him.

Officers injured
Hawally prosecutor ordered two female citizens to be remanded in custody to face charges of assaulting a police officer and damaging state property. Case papers also include a medical error showing injuries that a police sergeant sustained when he was run over, as well as a police lieutenant who was injured when he was dragged by a moving vehicle. According to the two officers’ statements, a young female citizen was driving a car along with her sister. The sergeant attempted to stop them to issue a citation, but the passenger clutch to his arm while the driver drove fast with an intention to harm him. The other officer was run over while the suspect attempted to escape before she hit a light post.

Fatal accident
A pedestrian was killed in a hit-and-run incident reported on King Fahad Road near Subahiya. An investigation is underway to identify the driver who escaped from the scene, leaving the Asian woman fatally wounded behind him.

Physical assault
A citizen told Meidan Hawally police that she was beaten in Hawally and submitted a medical report stating she had bruises, grazes in the head, on the knees and tendons rapture in the neck vertebrae. Hawally prosecutor ordered a felony case to be filed.

Café fight
Late delivery of a shisha caused a fight between a café worker and a customer. The Ethiopian waiter complained to police that he was beaten by an Egyptian customer while at a Hawally cafe. A case was filed for investigations.

Drunk man caught
Police arrested a drunk man who was seen dancing on Arabian Gulf Road near Salmiya. They also found a small bottle containing homebrewed liquor and an imported liquor bottle inside his vehicle. He was sent to the proper authorities for further action. Separately, Hawally patrols arrested an Indian man who was driving abnormally on the Fourth Ring Road. He was taken to the police station and charged accordingly.

A citizen was sent to the forensics department to see whether he was intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. Interior ministry operations received a call about a person who seemed to be dead in his car on the Seventh Ring Road. Several policemen responded and found out that the man has fallen asleep after abusing drugs or alcohol. His vehicle was impounded. – Translated from the Arabic press