KUWAIT: Kuwait Fire Services Directorate (KFSD) Public Information Acting Director Major Salman Al-Juaidi commented on claims that KFSD firemen are not trained on dealing with refinery fire and that the Directorate takes away their rights and does not care enough about their safety. “KFSD men are highly capable to face oil fires and chemical leaks, and the Directorate exerts major efforts in qualifying firemen and raising their professional standards to face all types of fires, including oil ones,” Major Juaidi said. He noted that there is continued cooperation with the oil sector through periodical meetings during which emergency plans to increase cooperation and guarantee readiness of both sides are discussed. He added there are nearly 10 annual courses to train firemen and are held at oil sector training centers, lasting for three months. He said that nearly 400 firemen have been trained over four years, and 100 firemen will join the next training course. Meanwhile, Major Juaidi said Mubarak Al-Kabeer hazardous materials center is highly competent in fighting hazardous materials’ fires, including gaseous and chemical leaks.

Unlicensed weapons Weapons detectives arrested four citizens with unlicensed arms and ammunition. One of the citizens was arrested in Salwa, where an AK- 47 and a shotgun were found. The second citizen had four pistols in his Sabah Al-Salem house; the third had a large quantity of ammunition in his Um Al-Haiman house, while the fourth was arrested in his house with an unlicensed weapon. They were all sent to concerned authorities.

Broomstick A 17-year-old citizen was admitted to the intensive care unit of the Adan hospital, when a broomstick pierced from under his left arm into his body when he fell on it. Doctors had to call firemen who used a ‘holmatro mini cutter’ to cut the stick so they can take X-rays.

Gambler caught Nuwaiseeb customs officers succeeded in failing an attempt by a citizen to smuggle roulette with its equipment. The citizen was sent to concerned authorities.

Bootleggers arrested Ahmadi police launched a campaign which resulted in the arrest of 10 persons with possession of 38 liquor bottles, 12 persons without IDs, 10, wanted on absconding cases and another in debt and the issuance of 205 traffic citations.

Drowning One man was found dead after drowning near Boubyan Island, while two others were taken by Medvac. Meanwhile, a Kuwaiti citizen was still missing when this report was written.

Two police injured in crash Two policemen were rushed to Adan hospital when a Range Rover crashed into their car. A blood sample was taken from the driver to determine whether he was drunk or not. Separately, a Saudi national was killed when his car flipped over on King Fahad road.

Drunk Two female citizens and a Kuwaiti man were arrested at dawn yesterday while they were extremely drunk. They were taken to the proper authorities to face charges.

Stuck Two persons were stuck in an abandoned slipway, so Shuaiba Sea Center responded and found two persons stuck as the slipway was closed and could not return. The two were rescued and no injuries were reported.

Drug possession Two persons were sent to Drugs Control General Department (DGCA) for drug possession. The incident happened when a driver attempted to escape from a checkpoint, but police stopped the vehicle. The driver and another person who was sitting on the passenger’s seat were found to be inebriated. Police discovered that they were under the influence of meth, and when they were searched, a green substance was found on them in addition to 21 narcotic pills.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun