KUWAIT: Assistant Undersecretary for Criminal Security Affairs Major General Abdelhameed Al-Awadhi sent a female citizen to the public prosecution for alleged involvement in swindling, along with an Arab lawyer, as well as four border customs employees, following an investigation. The woman was able to leave and return several times although she is on Interior Ministry travel ban list. She said she was able to leave for KD 8,000 each time, and an Arab lawyer facilitated that for her by telling her which counter she should go to, and she did the same when she returned.

Hunting weapons confiscated Jahra police confiscated a large quantity of hunting weapons on Salmi road in addition to 8,000 rounds of ammunitions. Seven citizens were found to be in possession of eight shotguns. The citizens were arrested. Meanwhile, Abdallah Al-Mubarak police responded to a call from a citizen who said there was a safe full of ammunition in the yard of his house.

Citizen arrested over threat Ardhiya detectives arrested an ex-convict citizen following a complaint from another citizen that he threatened to kidnap and harm her. He was found wanted on three cases and sentenced to serve jail time. He was arrested following fierce resistance and attempts to escape.

Illegal shops closed Farwaniya police closed nearly 35 shops, and arrested 20 violating persons in Jleeb Al-Shuyiukh and Hasawi. The shops were closed for selling spoiled food, fish, vegetables, canned food and tools and in some cases operating without the proper licenses.

Qat smuggler busted Customs officers at Kuwait International Airport arrested an Ethiopian woman with two kilograms of qat hidden in bags within her luggage. The qat was placed in a glass jar full of honey. She was sent to the Drug Control General Department (DCGD).

House burglars caught Surra police caught several burglars for robbing houses after arresting them in Qortuba. A police patrol saw a vehicle loaded with various household items and when it asked the car to stop, the driver sped off. The police patrol gave chase and eventually stopped the vehicle. Four men were arrested and they confessed to robbing houses in the area.

Soldier caught with drugs Police patrols sent a uniformed youth to the Drugs Control General Department after arresting him with drugs and liquor. Police stopped him as he drove erratically, so he was stopped and found to be a bedoon soldier. In another case Jahra police sent a bedoon with hashish and rolling papers to the DCGD.

Amorous couple arrested Several citizens told police that an Asian female and an Western man were acting indecently so police went to the area and took the two to the police station. The incident happened in a well known shopping mall in Hawally, as one of the callers described the woman’s clothes as revealing. Both were sent to concerned authorities. — Al-Anbaa, Al-Rai